Ramesh Neupane


My name is Ramesh Neupane and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am currently doing my PhD in Higher Education and Educational Administration. I have been involved with International Student organization since my undergraduate School. I started my program at SIUC since Spring 2015 and last year I got an opportunity be a part of International Student Council (ISC) at SIUC as a Secretary and this year I got elected for president of ISC. I believe I can do something for International students as well as domestic students of SIUC to make them feel more comfortable and help them to adjust with the SIUC and Carbondale Community environment.
International student Council is a great organization with greater opportunities for everyone to learn something more about different cultures and experience new things. I am really happy to be part of ISC and provide some contribution to help and support International Students.
Thank you.
Ramesh Neupane
President, International Student Council