Fulbright Student Association


For more than 50 years, SIU Carbondale has been hosting both U.S. Fulbright Scholars and International Fulbright Scholars from all over the world. Over the years, many students have discussed starting a Fulbright Student Association, yet they never actually followed through. Tirza Vargas, a Fulbright Scholar from Honduras finally brought the idea into fruition and becomes the first SIUC Fulbright Student Association President with Tina Sickinger as the board advisor. On May 2022, the SIUC Fulbright Student Association is officially founded and becomes a Registered Student Association (RSO) that aims to promote cultural understandings among the Fulbright Scholars at the university. Four other Fulbright Scholars, Rosalba Alvarado from El Salvador, Lyndrison Lincoln from Trinidad and Tobago, Pervez Khan from Pakistan, and Fitri Safira from Indonesia also join the board, serving in different roles.