Soccer Tournament


Fall 2016

Game Days:

1. Goal

The purpose of this tournament is to initiate interaction between groups of international students, providing the opportunity to socialize, make friends and foster relationships. The tournament is a wonderful event and provides a lot of fun for the players and the fans.


The tournament will be run in accordance with the FIFA rules and regulations with the exceptions of the following.

3. Eligibility

  1. Registration fee is $5 per player (not refundable).
  2. All participants must be registered students or employed staff of SIU, or CESL students and have a valid SIU identification. SIU (including CESL) alumni are allowed to play providing there are less than 5 per team, and each must provide a proof of insurance and a letter of discharge for any injury to the executive committee prior to their first game. John A. Logan students can also participate in the tournament. An alumnus is anyone who attended SIU for at least one semester, or one CESL term.
  3. An SIU identification card or documents are required for the checking of eligibility to participate in each game. If card or documentation does not have a photo (as it is the case for CESL students), a separate photo-identification document (e.g. passport, driver’s license) is also necessary.
  4. Identification will be checked before the start of each game. All team members should line up 30 mins before each game to verify identity.
  5. Maximum number of players in a team is 22 players. No one can change from one team to another. Make sure not more than the maximum number of players is accepted.
  6. All participants of a team must be registered by completing the team registration form. Every player must sign the roster before playing their first game. A player who signs more than two rosters will be disqualified.
  7. The registration deadline for the tournament is to be set by the executive committee and approved by the general assembly. However, it could be subject to restriction by the soccer club.
  8. It is the executive committee duty to check the registration status of each player with the Office of Admission and Records.
  9. Only 3 non-SIU students are allowed, they would need to sign a waiver form which states that ISC and SIU will not be responsible for them and that they are playing on their own risk, this should be accompanied by a photocopy of proof of insurance.
  1. Rosters.

The rosters must include the following:

Names of players  22 spaces, not more than 22 players

Photocopy of picture ID and insurance (passport 4 CESL student)

Jersey number (should remain same for the whole tournament)

Reserve space for signatures

Provide SIU insurance status or other insurance (check one)

Provide Captain’s name, phone number, and e-mail

Provide manager/ coach’s name, phone number and e-mail.

When players sign the roster they agreed to the terms and condition of the tournament and agree that their bursar account will be charged with fines if they are found to violate the rules and regulation of this tournament.

4. Uniforms and Equipment

  1. All players of a team must wear appropriate soccer uniforms (jersey, shorts, socks up to the knee and soccer/tennis shoes) with DISTINCTIVE AND VISIBLE NUMBERS. Each player must have the same number, throughout the tournament. Each team should have one jersey for each player at least.
  2. A conflict of colors in uniforms will be resolved by having one team wearing numbered vests provided by ISC. Decisions of who will wear these vests will be chance-based.
  3. Shin guards for all players and for the goalkeepers are mandatory.
  4. Gloves are recommended but not mandatory for the goalkeepers.
  5. Only soccer balls provided by ISC and FIFA inspected will be used in the tournament.
  6. No watches, earrings, chains and jewelry should be worn during the games.

5. Start

  1. Every team must be ready on the field, next to ISC staff area, 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the match.
  2. In the event that a team is unable to play or fails to turn up within ten minutes following a game’s scheduled start, the tournament staff will declare a forfeit and the team present on the field wins 2-0.
  3. If a team forfeits a match, they will have to pay a fine of $100 before they can continue to play in the tournament and 3 points will be deducted from their record for the regular season. At least 7 people should be present on the field for the team to be exempt of this fine.
  4. Any team with less than seven players will not qualify to play.
  5. In order to prevent forfeiting games in the final stage of the tournament, every team will pay a deposit of $50 refundable in case of no forfeit and no fights.
  6. (For referees) Do not allow a game to start if the audience is on the west side of the field (the one with the officials and the team benches).
  7. If there are people who are not on the roster on the player’s bench, the team will be fined $50. The person will be warned 3 times before he/she is reported to the SIU police and a fine will be charged to the team. Only one cameraman, one photographer, one manager, one coach, one medical staff and one water supplier are the non-players allowed near the bench. Their names should be submitted to ISC for verification and they should be SIU students. No spouses, friends or children are allowed near the field as they could pose a safety hazard to staff and themselves.
  8. Keep the west gate closed.

6. Referees

  1. The soccer committee will decide the referees.
  2. First choice: three certified (Pass a test on FIFA rules, can be regionally certified referees or anyone who has taken a one-day workshop regarding soccer rules) officials.
  3. Second choice: two-men team.
  4. Third choice: if only one referee is present for a game, upon agreement of both managers, the soccer committee will provide linesman.
  5. The referee’s decision during the game is final.
  6. A Red card means the player will be suspended from at least one game; the exact number of suspensions will be decided by the committee.
  7. Two yellow cards are equal to one red card. However, there will only be a one game suspension.
  8. Yellow cards do not carry over but red cards carry over.

7. Time

  1. Duration of game: For qualifiers and finals Forty-five minute halves.
  2. Duration of Half time: Fifteen minutes.
  3. Duration of time between consecutive matches is no less than five minutes but no more than fifteen minutes.
  4. Tell the referees not to shorten the games even if the winner of the game is obvious, and there is a great score difference. Teams compete for every goal that might be scored during the allotted time.
  5. Any other game can have a total duration of 45 min to 1hr. 5 to 10 minute breaks can be given.

8. Field

  1. Only managers, coaches, trainers, players and officials are permitted in the bench area on the western side of the field.
  2. Spectators and supporters must remain on the eastern side of the field, opposite the team, throughout the tournament.
  3. Nobody should stay on the field behind the goalposts.
  4. A committee will be in charge of setting up the field, if not them, then a committee made of members from each team will be responsible for setting up the field. That is each team must have at least one representative in the committee.
  5. The first teams playing for the day will have a representative on the field one hour before the scheduled start of the game.
  6. If there are people who are not on the roster on the players bench, the team will be fined $100. The person will be warned 3 times before he/she is reported to the SIU police and a fine will be charged to the team. Only one camera person, one photographer, one manager, one coach, one medical staff and one water supplier are the non-players allowed near the bench. Their names should be submitted to ISC for verification and they should be SIU students. No spouses, friends or children are allowed near the field as they could pose a safety hazard to staff and themselves.
  7. All teams are responsible to clean up after themselves; failure to do so will result in a fine of $50 per team.

9. Substitution

  1. Free substitution is allowed for all games (the same player may be substituted more than once).
  2. An appropriate official (linesman or ISC staff) must be informed of the intention to substitute players beforehand.
  3. No substitution is allowed to replace a player expelled (red card) from a game by the referee.
  4. Before a substitution the player should report to ISC officials before approaching the linesmen.
  5. All substitute players should wait at the center of the sideline and have to wait until the referee acknowledges the substitution.
  6. Shouting or unruly gestures to get the referees attention will face disciplinary action.

10. Scoring

Regular season
  1. When the score is tied at the end of a game, the game will not be played out further but will be declared a draw.
  2. Points

i. Win: 3 points

ii. Draw: 1 point

iii. Loss: O point

c. In the event of a tie between position, the following, based in order, will be used to decide the winner:

i. The point difference between the teams

ii. The goal difference between the teams

iii. The number of goals scored by the teams

iv. The pool game played between two teams.


If a tie exists at the end of the regular time in a playoff game, the following overtime periods will result:

a. 2 overtime periods of 15 minutes each

b. Penalty kicks of 5 and 5

c. Golden goal penalty kicks

11. Conduct

  1. Non-sportsman behavior will not be tolerated on or off the field during the tournament.
  2. Any political, religious, and national references or confrontations will not be tolerated at any time from any participant or spectator.
  3. No abusive language or unnecessary physical contact will be tolerated.
  4. Violations of the above stated rules will result in disqualification and/or expulsion from the tournament.
  5. A red card to a player requires that player to exit the game immediately and forfeit eligibility to play in the next match.
  6. Red cards are valid through the whole tournament; for example, a player who received a red card during the last game of the regular season will be suspended for at least one game.
  7. Yellow cards are valid through the regular season; for example, a player who received a second yellow card during the last game of the regular season will get one suspension.
  8. Remove any player with dangerous behavior.
  9. Spectators and player with unruly conduct will be reported to the SIU police department and will be faced with disciplinary actions from the Student Recreation Center.
  10. SIU student conduct code will be applied in the tournament.

12. Conference and officials

  1. Only managers/coaches and team captains may confer with the referee and/or officials provided it is done in an appropriate civil manner.
  2. During a game, only the team captain is considered the spokesperson for the team.
  3. Any official objections or complaints have to be made to the ISC Executive Committee in written form through the Sports Committee and/or to the chairperson (mailbox provided at the ISC office) in the three days following the game.
  4. Accept only written complaints by the captains and managers/coaches of the teams.
  5. During the meetings only team captains and their assistant will be required to attend. The meeting will not start if there are other team members present or more than one person per team is present.

13. Cancellation and postponement of game

  1. Referees and officials have the authority to cancel or postpone games due to undesirable conditions brought about by inclement weather and safety concerns.
  1. In addition, a referee will decide if a game will continue in the event of inclement weather.
  2. If a game is interrupted for more than fifteen minutes, officials will make a decision regarding whether that particular match is postponed or cancelled.
  3. The interrupted game will be considered as official and will be continued from the point in time where it had been stopped, unless the losing team is not willing to play the remaining time. In such a case, if the score is greater than 2, this score will be the official result of the match.

14. Injuries and damages

  1. Having an ambulance constantly on the field is too expensive, so in case of any emergencies call 911.
  2. For first aid administration, there are: ice and plastic bags, ACE packages, plastic gloves, tape, bengay, antiseptic, and first aid kit scissors.
  3. All injuries must be reported to the official on duty.
  4. Officials on duty can only administer immediate first aid.
  5. An ambulance will be called if an injury is assessed to require immediate professional medical attention, unless the injured person desires to do otherwise.

15. Other matters

  1. Any matter not covered within FIFA rules and regulations as well as this document shall be determined and/or resolved by ISC officials and participating managers and coaches.
  1. The decisions so made will be final and binding for the tournament.
  2. Before the tournament starts, each manager/captain should be given a form to select the MVP. The forms will be collected during or right after the final game of the tournament. A manager cannot nominate a player from his team.
  3. The fair play team will be determined by the ratio of Number of Cards (NC) over the Number of Games (NG). The lower ratio the better off the team.
  4. The referees of the final game should be known and agreed upon by both teams involved at least two days before the game (the earlier the better).
  5. Three sets of medals, for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and a trophy for the winning team will be awarded during Fall Feast.

16. Management

  1. There must be a committee taking care of the field, the records, the decisions and the problems occurring throughout the tournament.
  2. This committee should consist of the chair person, a captain of each team, and the ISC executive committee.
  3. The Executive Committee, chair person, and ISC Staff are responsible for the whole tournament. The Soccer Advisor will be the liaison between the soccer committee and the manager committee.
  4. Complaints should be written to the soccer chair person, ISC executive committee, or to any ISC staff on duty during the game.
  5. All complaints are to be submitted within 72 hours of the game. That is, if your game is on Saturday, complaints will be received up to 4:30 pm on Tuesday. On the other hand, if your game is on Sunday, complaints will be taken up to 4:30 pm on Wednesday.
  6. Complaints should be submitted to the soccer chair person or to the ISC executive committee. When received, they should be dated and signed by the person who received it.
  7. The complaints are NOT going to be considered if submitted after the deadline.
  8. In case of a problem, the soccer committee’s decision will be the final decision. If the party involved was not satisfied with the decision of the committee, they have the right to submit a complaint through the soccer chair person to the president of ISC within the 24 hours notified by the committee.
  9. Every overruling complaint to the ISC president will have a $20 fee, refundable if valid.
  10. The ISC president, two vice presidents, along with the soccer advisor, Brenda Winkeler will make a final decision.
  12. One person from the soccer committee will be at each game.
  13. A head referee will be appointed by the Soccer Committee of three, which will then select all the other referees.
  14. All main referees are to be licensed and should not be playing in any of the matches. The two linesmen can be players in the tournament, but not from the two teams playing.
  15. During the game the referee has the power to make a decision, with the consent of the ISC officials on duty, to stop the game if violence occurs, or if weather does not permit to play.
  16. The referees for each game will be appointed by the head referee and will be posted within the middle of the week, after the weekly committee meetings and before the weekend games.
  17. Red cards involved in fighting will be suspended and required to pay a fine ranging from $100 to $200. The committee will decide the amount of this fine. The team as a whole is responsible to pay the fine.
  18. The penalty fee will have to be paid in full before the team will be eligible to continue playing.
  19. Anyone who fights will be removed from the tournament (Does not apply to someone who did not retaliate).
  20. Any team involved in fighting will be removed from the tournament.
  21. Schedule:

Three to Four games per day regular season;

Two to three games per day play-offs;

Have the finals one week after the semi-finals. Start as early as possible in the semester, may be mid semester. Publish the results after each day or weekend, to the ISC Facebook page, ISC Secretary Office door, and/or web page.

The schedule will depend on weather and other items; ISC has the final say on the games schedule.

17. Chair/Vice President of ISC Duty/Responsibility

  1. The chair will preside over the weekly meeting.

b. The chair – based on the staff and referee report – will make the motion and discuss the motion with the committee for vote.

  1. The chair does not have the voting power; unless, in the case of tie.
  2. The ISC vice president has the right to remove any of the committees who interrupted the meeting.

18. Soccer Committee Meeting

  1. The committee will consist of the team captain and his/her assistant, only two people per team and the ISC executive board will meet with the SIU Recreation Center.
  1. Each meeting should have an agenda.
  2. The players who are banned / disqualified / received a card may have their appeal heard in the meeting.
  3. Each team has to put in a request of audience with the committee 24 hours before meeting to allow the players involved to attend the meeting.
  4. Any team banned or fined may have their fines appealed in the meeting
  5. All decisions are final.
  6. Meeting should be held in a closed location (not the ISC office).
  7. Any unruly conduct will be reported to the SIU police.
  8. Any unresolved issues will be brought to the student judiciary affairs of SIU.

19. Trophy

  1. There will be a trophy only for the winning team, which the team will be able to keep.


International Soccer Tournament 2014.