Nepalese Student Society

Pukar Bhandari, President (

Pukar is a PhD student in the School of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kathmandu University, Nepal, in 2018. He presently holds the position of President within the Nepalese Student Society (NSS) at SIU. He is also a part of the youth social organization, the International Leo Club, where he served as the President of Kathmandu Mount Makalu Leo Club. In his free time, Pukar loves playing soccer, hiking, traveling, playing guitar, and hanging out with friends.

Mandip Banjara, Vice-President (

Mandip, an aspiring MS student in Water Resources Engineering at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, brings a wealth of experience from his bachelor’s studies in Civil Engineering at Kathmandu University in Nepal. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Nepalese Student Society, highlighting his passion for community engagement.

Nikita Chaulagain, Secretary (

Hello, my name is Nikita Chaulagain, and I’m from Nepal. I’m currently enrolled in a degree in health care management. It’s exciting and encouraging to think about learning more and developing my abilities in this area. I know about radiation, with a special focus on X-rays. Over the course of a year, I did my internship at three different hospitals. I transferred from the University of Nebraska at Kearney to SIUC last year. I was a member of the NISO leader and was also the Vice-President of the Nepalese Students Association at Kearney.

Rajat Niroula, Treasurer (

Rajat Niroula, a dedicated student from the College of Business and Analytics, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance with a specialization in Investments. Rajat’s passion for finance goes beyond the classroom; he is a driven enthusiast with an insatiable curiosity for exploring financial markets and investment strategies. Rajat’s pivotal role as a Real Estate Sector Analyst within the esteemed Saluki Student Investment Fund showcases his exceptional analytical skills. Here, he delves deep into the stock market, identifies opportunities, and crafts informed financial strategies. His contributions have been invaluable, culminating in his recognition as the College of Business & Analytics Challenge 2023 Winner. Notably, Rajat’s educational journey extends beyond finance; he also holds a degree in Hospitality Administration Management, highlighting his versatility and ability to connect with different industries. Rajat brings a global perspective to the table. He spent three years in New Zealand before making the move to the USA, further enriching his worldview and experiences. This diverse background enables him to offer unique insights

Pranjal Neupane, Social Chair (

Pranjal Neupane is a third-year undergraduate student at SIU. He is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.

Kriti Acharya, Member (

Kriti is an MS student in the School of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering. She completed her Bachelor of Engineering from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She presently holds the position of member within the Nepalese Student Society (NSS) at SIU.

Sudip Bogati, Member (

Sudip is an MS student in the School of Civil Engineering at SIU. He is a knowledgeable Structural Engineer with 5+ years of professional experience and proven history of success in contributing to the Analysis and Design of Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) and Steel Frame Structure. He is the founder of “Shubhakamana Engineering Consultancy” and has carried out Province and Municipal Level projects in Nepal. Currently, he holds the position as a member of the Nepalese Student Society (NSS). Sudip believes in the transformative power of engineering to enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities alike. He sees structural engineering as a vital tool for sustainable development, emphasizing safety, resilience, and innovation in his projects. “Dream big, work hard, and stay focused; miracles will happen”.

Shiksha Sharma, Member (

My name is Shiksha Sharma, and I have a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Nepal. I began my master’s degree in plant biology under the guidance of Dr. Leme. My future research will be focused on cannabis and its cultivation, including how the controlled environment system, as well as other technological devices and sensors, will affect the production of cannabinoid concentrations and other secondary metabolites. I am very excited about my upcoming project because it will be my first time working on such a unique and interesting topic. I can’t wait to share the results of my experiment with the world of cannabis science, and I hope it will be beneficial for cannabis growers.

Rajee Tamrakar, Member (

Rajee is a graduate student pursuing an MS in Geography and Environmental Resources from the School of Earth, System and Sustainability. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Kathmandu University, Nepal. She presently holds the position of member within the Nepalese Student Society (NSS) at SIU. On a lighter note, Rajee is a staunch believer in the power of empathy.

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