International Student Council

Executive Election Guidelines 2023

  1. The Positions are
    1. President
    2. Vice-President for Internal Affairs
    3. Vice-President for Finance
    4. Chief of Staff
    5. Media Officer
    6. Secreatry
  1. The Presidential Candidate must be an international student. Other officers may not need to be an international student.
  1. Candidates must meet all of the following registration and Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements by the specified time the Election Commission determines eligibility (see item 5):
    1. Only those running for President must be registered as an international student at SIUC. Other officers must be registered as a student at SIUC.
    2. In addition, an undergraduate student must have a college or university GPA of 2.0 or higher and a graduate student must have a college or university GPA of 3.0 or higher on the day of the elections. This GPA must be calculated on classes completed at SIUC. Recommended for President position, an undergraduate student must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
    3. Have completed at least one semester at SIUC by the day of elections unless he or she is a transfer student with a college or university GPA.
  1. Candidates must meet one of the following endorsement requirements:
    1. The nomination by a President or Vice-President of an ISC registered International Student Association (ISA).
    2. Candidates not nominated by the President or Vice-President of any ISA’s, or Candidates not belonging to any of the existing ISA’s, may be nominated by the current President and one of the Vice-Presidents of the ISC executive committee.
    3. If none of the above applies, then a Candidate may obtain at least 25 signatures from currently registered SIUC international students of at least 5 countries selected from each of the continents of Africa, America, Asia and Europe. No more than 5 signatures may be obtained from each country.
  1. Candidates must send their letter of intent to Ms. Carla Coppi, ISC Advisor, or her designee in her absence, at International Students and Scholars (B133 Northwest Annex). In addition, Candidates are advised to collect their receipt when they turn in their letters of intent. Letters of intent must be accompanied by a letter or letters of nominations, or list of signatures as stipulated in Item 3. The necessary documents must reach the office of Ms. Carla Coppi by Friday, April 4th, 2014, before 4:30pm.
  1. The eligibility of Candidates shall be determined by the Election Commissioner and the ISC Advisor. Receipt of the nomination documentation from Ms. Carla Coppi’s office does not automatically establish eligibility.
  1. The ISC Election 2023 is on Friday, April 28th at 5pm at CIE.
  1. An Election Commissioner shall be appointed to supervise the elections. The Election Commissioner shall not be anyone who has the right to vote or who shall contest on the elections.
  1. Each Presidential Candidate will present a ten-minute speech and have ten minutes for questions and answers. Each Vice-Presidential and Chief of Staff Candidate will present a five-minute speech and have ten minutes for questions and answers. Candidates shall speak and answer questions on his/her qualifications as a Candidate. This must not include slander; otherwise, he/she will be disqualified. In addition, questions posted to the Candidates must not include slander as well.
  1. The Election Commissioner shall have the discretion to decide what slander is, and if anything said or asked is considered slander.
  1. The Election Commissioner will be required to submit the election results in written statement, stating the names of all Candidates, the votes they received, the voting members President, the winners, and the time and place of the elections to Dr. Elaine Conrad, ISC Advisor, one week after elections.
  1. The results shall be announced to the Daily Egyptian.

Election Commission 2023